Hello, fellow filmmakers!

My name is Marco Buch and ‘It’s a wrap!’ is my production service Berlin company, founded in 2006. I am helping people with producing films, short and long, in Germany and abroad – commercials, music videos, documentaries, feature films. I’ve been doing production service Berlin for more than 10 years now and people say I’m pretty good at it!

Marco Buch

My core fields are location scouting and production management, but I can help you with pretty much anything regarding your production service Berlin. Years of knowledge, a vast network of people and a constant motivation to assist people in realising their projects: That’s me!

‘It’s a wrap!’ caters Production Service Berlin for all kinds of visions and ideas. Film, TV, photo, special events, you name it! Each and every time we help to further your visions into reality, we re-consider our approach and start from scratch. Because what you will get from us is nothing less than custom-tailored solutions to meet your specific production goals.

Apart from never not working in film, I am also a travel writer with a knack for adventure. Check out my page Life is a Trip here:

Life is a Trip